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By conserving energy and operating expenses, money savings follows. What investments can you make with that savings?


The most powerful ally you have in on-going energy savings is  your staff and occupants. By educating them, not only will they appreciate the effort to make theirs a healthier place to be, but also they'll be invested in your vision of a high performing building. 

Giving Back...

Giving back takes many forms for me.  To the building owner I serve, it takes the form of money. To the community I serve, it  takes the form of  environmental literacy. To the schools I serve, it takes the form of mentoring, providing a portal to the world of green technology and careers..

Every building has a story.
What's yours?


The phrase "energy efficient" sounds good, but how do you know your building is as efficient as it can be?  And what will that cost? Better yet, how much money will you make? The answer is as individual as every building or space. How would your property's next chapter on energy efficiency read?


Maybe the chapter is written but not yet published to the wider audience - the people who occupy the building every day.


I can guide you through writing and publishing that chapter.

The Christman Building in Lansing, Michigan, a 116-year-old structure, earned the highest level of LEED Certification (Platinum) in the Existing Building (EB O&M) rating system. The LEED EB effort, which cost $22,000 to implement, will yield a total annual net savings of nearly $50,000 in addition to the environmental and other benefits experienced.


Your building is not too old. ​

Did you know?

68% of adults like to do business with companies that are environmentally responsible.

2007 National Technology Readiness Survey

More than 80% of workers are attracted by an employer with an environmental reputation.

2009 Kelly Global Workforce Index

About half of workers said they would forgo higher pay or a promotion to work for an organization with a good reputation.

2009 Kelly Global Workforce Index

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